Stop asking so many questions!!

When we pick up our kids from school, they hop into our back seat and we drive off.

That is when the moment comes, the moment that most kids dread, the same thing that has happened for 4, 5 and 6 years in a row.

I call it the machine gun question drive by.

“So, how was school? What did you learn today? Did your teachers say anything to you? What did you do at recess?”

What happens next? Your child shuts down…the answers all become the same “Nothing.”

What I suggest to parents is that when your child gets in the care you simply say hi, tell them you love them and ask one question…that’s all you get is just one.  Once you have asked it, leave them alone.  In fact even if you don’t like the answer that they gave.  It’s ok! They need to shut their brans off for a second since they have been using them all day.

They had to answer questions in math, read silently in language arts, try and make an experiment work in science but also they had to navigate the lunch room successfully, try and talk enough but not too much, get picked not first but not last for games at recess.  They had more stress in their day than we realize.

So one question and leave it alone.  I promise if and when they have something to say, they will chime in!